Balayage & Ombré 

Balayage Hair Colour at The Cutting Studio Hair Salon, High Wycombe

Balayage continues to be a top trend when it comes to hair colouring at The Cutting Studio in Hazlemere. What makes this gorgeous technique so popular is that it’s easy to maintain whilst also creating a stunning sun-kissed look all year round!

Many people are confused by the differences between balayage, root stretching and ombré which are all variations of the similar hand-painted hair colouring technique.  To ensure you get the perfect balayage or ombré hair colour for you, why not show some images of looks you love to your colour technician?

It is important that you come in 48 hours prior to your appointment for a quick patch test if you have not had your hair coloured with us before, or if you have not had your hair coloured in 6 months or more. Read full details here. 

There is lots of FREE parking near to the salon making your visit even more stress-free! 

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is a hand-painted technique which allows our skilled colourists to create the perfect look suited specifically to you. The highlights are applied where the sun would usually lighten your hair, which is what creates this natural sun-kissed appearance. Ask for some face-framing highlights to really accentuate the beach babe look!

It’s no surprise that balayage is the most popular hair colouring technique because it is different for each person, designed to flatter each individual through expertly placed highlights from our highly trained team!

How Long Will My Balayage Appointment Take?

The time it takes for your balayage appointment will vary depending on how many colours you want us to apply and how long your hair is. If you just want some face-framing highlights then this will take a shorter amount of time than if you want balayage applied all over or a balayage refresh.

Book in for a consultation at our High Wycombe hair salon before your balayage appointment so our experts can assess the condition of your hair. Damaged hair will take longer to colour than healthy hair, so this will need to be taken into account. At your consultation, our colour specialists will also discuss with you what you want your balayage to look like so we can create the perfect colour for you! 

What's The Difference Between Balayage & Ombré?

Balayage is a bespoke hair colouring technique where the hair is usually lightened towards the ends in certain areas to achieve a natural look. Ombré hair colouring has two contrasting tones, with the darker colour at the roots gradually becoming lighter towards the ends of the hair in a gradient.  Root stretching is another alternative which is where we stretch the colour from your roots, making it lighter towards the ends. 

Do I Have To Have Blonde Balayage?

Balayage looks incredible on all hair colours from ravishing reds, to beautiful blondes and gorgeous brunettes, it even looks great on silvery grey hair too! For those of you that are daring and want to try something different, balayage can even be applied using fashion hair colours such gorgeous blues, pretty pastel tones and bright neon shades.

Book A Balayage Appointment At The Cutting Studio In Amersham

The great thing about balayage is that it is low maintenance! With balayage, we will keep the roots darker and blend lighter colour towards the ends.  This means you will not need to come in for a root retouch as often. However, we recommend you come into our studio for a balayage refresh every 8-12 weeks where we may add a toner to keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant.

Book in for a balayage consultation at the best hair salon in Hazlemere and we’re sure to find the perfect balayage look for you. Book online or call us on 01494 714204.