Keratin Blow Dry

Keratin Hair Straightening in Hazlemere, Buckinghamshire

Dry, damaged, frizzy hair can become a thing of the past with the fabulous Cocochoco Premium Gold Hair Smoothing Treatment at The Cutting Studio in Hazlemere. 

Your hair will be more manageable, easier to style and will be resistant to humidity for up to five months, depending on your lifestyle and adherence to aftercare instructions.  It will look healthy, silky and shiny.

Also known as a Brazilian Blow Dry, this treatment injects keratin deep into the hair cuticle to improve texture, condition and hair elasticity. As a result, your hair will stay straight and frizz-free for 3-5 months depending on your original hair condition and how well you look after it post-treatment.

What To Expect From Cocochoco Smoothing Blowdry, High Wycombe

The Cocochoco Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening treatment in our Buckinghamshire salon usually takes between 2 to 4 hours to complete, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. When the application is finished it is sealed with a flat iron at 200C or 230C in order to trap in moisture and create a sleek, shiny, smooth hairstyle.  The results are immediately visible with hair that looks shiny, straight and healthy.  It is suitable for virgin and chemically treated hair including hair that has been coloured, highlighted, permed, relaxed, or bleached.

It works by restoring and restructuring the hair by infusing a special blend of hydrolyzed keratin deep into the hair cuticle. The hydrolyzed keratin is bonded to the cuticle with heat from a flat iron to relax the hair’s sub-cuticle layer, resulting in renewed smoothness and shine.

All ingredients in Cocochoco products are vegan-friendly, natural, organic, plant-based and cruelty-free.  The gentle, nourishing formula does not contain formaldehyde, sulphates, parabens or ammonia and will not damage your hair. 

Enjoy Straighter Hair For 3-5 Months 

Your hair will remain straight and smooth for up to five months after your hair smoothing treatment at our hairdressing salon in Hazlemere.  Your hair will be perfect after every wash which means you can say goodbye to frizzy hair, curls and hair that goes wild when it's hot or humid!  It also protects hair from pollutions, chlorine and UV radiation.  Your hair straightening specialist will give you all the after-care advice needed to keep your hair looking fabulous for as long as possible.

Hair Botox

In much the same way that Botox is used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, this miracle hair treatment contains unique ingredients which work to remove excess frizz, making hair look silky, shiny and super smooth.

Hair botox is not permanent and the results will fade over time. How quickly this happens largely depends on how often you wash your hair. Using the recommended professional hair care can extend the life of your keratin treatment. An added benefit of hair botox is that unlike conventual hair straighteners, this treatment grows out gradually from root to tip, meaning that you will not have curly/frizzy roots and super straight mid-lengths and ends. 

Keratin Blow Dry Prices

We have several different levels of stylists available and the price you pay for a keratin blow dry depends on their experience, reputation and demand.

Cocochoco Premium Gold Brazilian Blow Dry (includes blow dry) from £110-£270. View our full service list.

Keratin Blow Dry Dry FAQs 

Can I colour my hair after a hair straightening treatment? 

If you wish, you can also colour your hair either two weeks before, or two weeks after, your treatment.   For better results, we recommend you bleach/ highlight hair 2 weeks before the treatment and colour your hair 2 weeks after the treatment. 

Can I wash my hair after a Brazilian Blow Dry hair straightening treatment? 

You must wait three days (72 hours) before washing your hair or swimming.

Can the hair be pulled back or clipped up during the 72-hour waiting period?  

No. Avoid making any impressions on the hair from clips, ponytail holders, hats or sunglasses for at least three days.

How do I keep my hair looking straight & shiny for longer? 

The best way to maintain your treatment result is with a couple of simple lifestyle adjustments – minimize hair’s exposure to chlorine and other harsh chemicals as well as sodium/sulfate found in the ocean, saltwater pools, water softener and human perspiration.  You can also maintain your treatment result with Using Cocochoco Professionals aftercare called Ceramide

How often can will I need a keratin hair smoothing treatment? 

Once your natural hair starts to grow through, you are likely to need a re-application. This usually occurs 4-8 weeks after your initial treatment. 

Do you re-apply the keratin smoothing treatment on the entire head or just on the new growth? 

Re-application is carried out on the entire head to ensure consistent results.

Book A Keratin Blow Dry Consultation in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire at The Cutting Studio

If you are interested in our keratin hair smoothing treatment, please book in for an initial consultation by calling 01494 714204. Please note, hair smoothing appointments are only bookable after an initial consultation. This is to allow your Stylist to determine your hair length, type and texture before explaining the process, timings, expected results and giving you a price

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