Colour Correction

Professional Hair Colour Correction Services in Buckinghamshire at The Cutting Studio

Have you had a hair colouring experience at home that’s gone horribly wrong? Did you try a DIY dye which didn’t come out the same colour as it was on the box? Don’t worry, let our colour correction experts in Hazlemere help. 

Book in for a consultation where we will discuss how to tackle the problem. Our top priorities are to give you a fabulous colour and return your hair to the best condition possible. The sooner you contact us after your hair colour disaster, the better! 

We may require you to come in for a quick patch test 48 hours before your colour appointment. Read full details about skin testing at The Cutting Studio here.

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Assessing Hair Colour Issues & Repairing Damaged Hair

Do NOT dye over your hair colour disaster – it could make things worse!  If you dye over a problem colour, it could turn out patchy as a build-up of hair colour is created each time you colour your hair, leading to uneven coverage. Also, your hair will be affected differently in different sections if it has been damaged by the sun or if it’s been over-processed.

We recommend that you come in and let one of our professionals at The Cutting Studio in Hazlemere deal with it. At our hair salon, we can analyse your hair and produce a mixture of tones and shades to apply to the different areas of your hair to create an even coverage of the hair colour you originally desired. 

If your hair has been over-bleached it may become brittle and dry which will result in breakage and splitting. This is why we never recommend bleaching your hair at home! Bleaching requires expert care.  If your hair is dry and damaged we may recommend an in-salon OLAPLEX hair repair treatment.  This helps to restore your hair back to a much healthier condition by repairing the broken bonds within the hair's structure.

Correcting Uneven Hair Colours

At-home hair dyes often result in patchy, uneven hair colour. This is why it is always best for you to get your hair coloured professionally as there is so much that can go wrong! Our skilled colourists at The Cutting Studio in Hazlemere are trained to create an even, gorgeous hair colour. By assessing each section of your hair, we know exactly which shade to apply to produce the results you desire. 

Changing Your Hair Colour

Changing your hair colour to a completely different shade is another complex process which is best left to the professionals.  If you want to transform dark hair into blonde hair, for example, this is likely to take more than one appointment to ensure we get the best results.   Whatever hair colour you decide upon, make sure you book in for a complimentary colour consultation so we can explain the process, give you a price and give you aftercare advice to keep your locks looking fabulous 24/7. 

Book A Hair Colour Consultation At The Cutting Studio In Hazlemere

Don’t despair over your hair dye disaster. Take action and book in for a hair colour correction consultation at The Cutting Studio in Buckinghamshire today! You can book online or call us on 01494 714204.